My boss is gone but still sending shitty emails from her iPhone asking me why I didn’t follow up on this and that thing that are absolutely trivial, considering she is out of the office and supposed to be taking care of her sick mother. Sometimes I wonder what kind of crisis she would have to be in that could peel her away from her job…buried six feet underground is likely what it would take. I’m lucky I have my own office that’s private enough for me to post on my blog about how much I dislike my boss when I feel the pressure build up. Screwing around on the internet instead of sending a blast email to the entire unit telling them to fuck off is my safety valve at times. My quick temper is getting harder to deal with as I get older, not easier, and it takes a great deal of restraint on my part to go hulk at times and I know this is something I may never completely master.

All adults have fantasies about what they would do if they didn’t have to work. Living on an exotic beach would be great, having ridiculous amounts of money would be awesome, but as I leave my early twenties and I feel more and more chained to my job, the taste of blood seems so much sweeter. Now when I’m falling asleep and imagining winning the lottery and what I would do with the money…I quit my job, and I start training to become a jiu jitsu expert so I can choke out and snap the arms of my enemies. Working as literally the lowest employee on the totem poll for nearly a decade and having to take shit with a smile has changed my fantasy of winning the lottery and being a philanthropist to becoming  a deadly martial artist. I’d still like to live near the ocean somewhere and help people less fortunate than myself and never have to answer to a employer again, but knowing I had the power to wrestle my old boss to the floor and put her in a guillotine would bring me satisfaction I don’t think I could find anywhere else.

My birthday is on the 13th. If anyone reading wants to give me a birthday present, buy me a lotto ticket. If I hit the jackpot and can quit my job and become a ninja, I’ll come to your work and make your boss my bitch. 

Morning sluts, happy Friday.

Everything about this interview is ridiculous, from the headline, to their happy, smiling faces and matching white shirts, like the squeaky clean image portrayed is going to work like a magic eraser on this guy’s reputation.

There’s no doubt being deputy chief of staff to the most famous good wife had influence on Abedin’s decision to stand by her Weiner after he let his out. Way to be a great role model, lady. I wonder if Hillary gave her tips for the interview.

"It’s ok that he was sexting with other women. He’s so sorry he was caught and humiliated me, and our family. So sorry, in fact, he’s staying home to take care of the baby, he’s changing diapers, and doing all the laundry!"

Wow, all the laundry? You’ve got a keeper! What fucking bullshit.

Of course Weiner is “really happy” with his life right now, he has gotten off scot-free in his marriage for being a dirt bag, and his wife is shamelessly pandering to the media to restore his image. Their people are probably on the phone with Oprah’s people right now, cause you know she loves her some cheating politicians and their devoted wives.

I’d like to punch Abedin in her cooter for perpetuating this standard for women in politics, and I hope the most responsibility that is ever placed in that asshole’s hands again is changing shitty diapers.

Sometimes the only way to summon the energy to get through another work day without snapping is to assail my ears with music before I get stuck for 8 hours…

This lyric came up in my dreams last night over and over. “Are we human, or are we dancer?” It has always puzzled me. What the hell does that mean anyway? I finally had to figure it out. According to the always reliable google search for information (in order of realizations and reactions):

1. This is not a Coldplay song which I have mistakenly thought since it came out. I am less hate-y towards it now.

2. Everyone is bothered by it being grammatically incorrect, which prompted Brandon Flowers to address it on his website saying…

3. The lyrics were inspired “by a disparaging comment made by Hunter S. Thompson, where he stated America was raising “a generation of dancers.”“

Hate-y again. My bullshit meter automatically goes up and I’m skeptical when anyone says they were/are inspired by that man because when pressed most of them have never picked up one of his books, they’ve just watched Fear and Loathing high - Brandon obviously not high, because he’s mormon, but all the same…they think they earn cool points when quoting him.

I’m skeptical especially after reading, “It’s supposed to be a dance song, [the beat] goes with the chorus…If you can’t put that together, you’re an idiot. I just don’t get why there’s a confusion about it.”

Thompson used the plural dancers in reference to Americans. The lyric doesn’t sound right. I tried to do some research to solidify if it is incorrect, but I’m still unsure. Is it a noun, or a comparative adjective? I try not to judge unless I am absolutely certain. I might have to get my English teaching boyfriend on this…

The song still bugs me, but at least it’s not Coldplay. All Coldplay songs suck.

This is all on wikipedia so it is 100% accurate. There are probably grammatical errors in this post, but it’s allowed when passionately written about srs biznez!! Dance songs aren’t srs biznez. 

An interesting article not only discussing contraceptive rights, but linking them with the change in family dynamics. Good read.

"There must be more to life than having everything." - Maurice Sendak
I’m sad to hear he passed away, he was a great author and artist, and Where the Wild Things Are will always be one of my favorite books I read when I was little.

"There must be more to life than having everything." - Maurice Sendak

I’m sad to hear he passed away, he was a great author and artist, and Where the Wild Things Are will always be one of my favorite books I read when I was little.

Dooolls eeeyes. That would be a good band name. Spelled correctly, of course, but you would have to deliver it like Quint.

Dooolls eeeyes. That would be a good band name. Spelled correctly, of course, but you would have to deliver it like Quint.

Licensed to Ill came out the year I was born, so this may seem like a self serving blog to jump on the Beastie Boys wagon in the wake of MCA’s death, but to me, Adam Yauch stood out more as an activist than hip hop pioneer and founding member of a group that kicked out dozens of jams that will get everyone in the party dancing and singing like complete fools, and I was extremely sad to hear that he passed away today.

I was in middle school when they were at the MTV awards and spoke out about the rapes and sexual harassment that took place at Woodstock 99 and that always stuck with me, but it wasn’t until more recent years that I realized how heavily involved in activism Adam Yauch was, when I found out that Kathleen Hanna was married to Adam Horovitz, and I did more reading on the band’s biography. I hope proper tribute is given to his work in bringing attention to Tibet, founding the Milarepa Fund, his involvement in the Tibetan Freedom Concert series, and New Yorkers Against Violence. I hope it brings his friends and family comfort that while he was here, he lived life fully and with purpose.

Sabatoge is my favorite Beastie Boys song and I think one of the best music videos ever made, and it will always bring back memories of driving around with my older cousin who has gone to more BB concerts than she can probably count and was the one who turned me on to them first.

Just got back from running and listening to the first 7 tracks of Agony and Irony, and I wish I hadn’t taken such a long break from it. The last time it was in heavy rotation on my iPod, I would leave my apartment once it was dark, feeling somehow less exposed once the sun was down, and run as long as my legs would keep propelling me forward. I didn’t really listen to the lyrics at first, Derek does nothing short of an amazing job on the drums which I would run in time with, and the intensity and lengths of the songs were perfect. I was just running, running away from my apartment that didn’t feel like home, the codependent fucked up relationship I was in, and the frustration and depression that was almost consuming at times. It was on the walks back that I started paying attention to the lyrics. I will unabashedly admit I shed a few tears when a verse spoke to me and stabbed straight to the heart.

It became therapeutic for a while, listening to this album and running. I haven’t listened to it in years because I thought it might depress me or bring back negative emotions and memories I let go of and made peace with once that relationship ended, but it affected me differently this time. Listening to it tonight it still felt therapeutic, but in a different and positive way that felt disconnected from all of that so I’m bringing it back. I hope I never stop being moved by music.